Letter From the Editors

Dear Reader,

We are excited to present Volume I of the relaunched Discourse Magazine to you, the students of Claremont McKenna. In reviving this magazine, our goal was simple: give the student body a forum in which to explore its thoughts and express itself. This volume has a single prompt: exploration. This starting point seems apropos as we begin to explore what Discourse is and can be, and as you all begin to use this medium as a forum for exploration. We at Discourse Magazine have found that creation is often a useful channel for every part of our experiences and, due to the variety of those experiences, we have recognized the heterogeneous nature of creative exploration. As such, each of the pieces found herein are pieces of student work which showcase creativity in its many forms. Many thanks to all of the students who submitted, in particular to last year’s Appel Fellows who have included snapshots of their work and to Cherin Yoo who has provided the beautiful cover art for our first issue. We hope you enjoy the work we’ve included. Please, explore!

Most Sincerely,

Romi Ferder, Zoey Ryu, Sofia Trigo, and the Center for Writing and Public Discourse team.