Emmanuel Feleke ’19

So Close

don’t hide,

don’t go,

don’t lie—

red eyes—

no flights—

long nights,

we were,

so close,

i gave,

my soul,

my bones—

u took—

my pen—

and sang,

my hook,

i swang,

my sword,

u bled,

my ink,

so now,

i write,

my words,

so close.


ur reversing my polarity:

expanding like the limits

on the ways that i receive u,

hold u closer than the words

i use in place of how i feel,

and as they’re rolling off my tongue,

i know the after-taste, insipid— 

mixed emotions make me nervous,

’cause i wanna be committed,

but i need reciprocation,

and if heaven isn’t open,

we can take another lap,

enjoy the sulfur of the moment,

’cause the afterword of passion

burns the brightest till it smolders.