Kylie Harrison ’20

Angry Words

Lining up to shoot quivering words

At my heart

You sit

To watch which ones stick.

Those angry words

Slip through the patchwork armor

That I built with small hands and hardened memories 

The door from a boarded up store where a homeless man yelled at me.

The glittering granite of my kitchen table where

My father’s harsh voice tares tears from my eyes.

The cracked clay pot of an angry woman calling me a stupid girl.

Vulnerable, red, beating,

The knife-like words puncture the silky skin

And sink into the soft underbelly of my soul

Blossoms of poison

Unfurling with every beat

Red to black

Red to black.

We are Close, You and I

We are close, you and I

We are authentic, real

Full of a passion

That fills our hearts

And overflows into our veins

A fiery burning


Igniting strength

With our red hot veins

The twisting lines

Our history



Years of desperation and love

Hope and chaos

Millions of lives etched within our hearts

We are part of those who came before us

We are part of those who will come after

We are one of many

And completely ourselves